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Welcoming Spring with Coconut-Inspired Feature Drinks

As the snow melts away and the first signs of spring begin to appear, our cravings shift towards flavors that reflect the newness and vitality of the season. This year, Crum Coffee Bar is thrilled to introduce our customers to a refreshing twist on two beloved beverages, infusing the exotic flair of coconut into our specialty drinks. Our spring feature selections, the Coconut Matcha Latte and the Coconut Caffè Freddo, are designed to invigorate your taste buds with their delightful blend of flavors.

Coconut Matcha Latte: A Luxurious Harmony

The Coconut Matcha Latte quickly ascended to the ranks of our menu favourites. At the heart of this latte lies ceremonial grade Matcha from Uji, Japan, promising an authentic and rich green tea experience. We enrich this exquisite matcha with just the right amount of coconut syrup for a subtle sweetness that perfectly balances the matcha's depth. Finished with steamed milk for a creamy, smooth texture, each sip transports you to the tranquil tea gardens of Japan, with a coconut twist.

Coconut Caffè Freddo: An Invigorating Twist

Inspired by the success of our coconut-infused concoctions, we're excited to unveil the Coconut Caffè Freddo as our spring sensation. The traditional Caffè Freddo, beloved for its energizing combination of espresso, milk, and a hint of sugar, chilled to perfection, receives a tropical makeover with the addition of coconut syrup. This infusion introduces a subtle, refreshing coconut flavor that complements the espresso's robustness without overpowering it. The result is a novel and exhilarating beverage that’s perfectly suited for the warmer days ahead.

Embracing the Season of Coconut

The debut of the Coconut Latte as a featured drink was met with such enthusiasm that it quickly became a mainstay on our menu. This warm reception inspired us to further explore the versatility of coconut, leading to the birth of the Coconut Caffè Freddo. This spring, we aim to celebrate the unique charm of coconut and its capacity to elevate traditional coffee drinks, providing our customers with unforgettable flavour experiences.

We invite you to embrace the season with us and indulge in these exquisite beverages, where every sip promises a burst of tropical delight amidst the blossoming splendour of spring.