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Naturally-Sweetened Candied Pecans Recipe

If you're looking for a simple yet delicious snack, try these naturally-sweetened candied pecans. Perfect for snacking or gifting, this recipe uses real maple syrup and a blend of spices to create a tasty treat.


  • 1 cup raw pecan halves
  • 1/4 cup real maple syrup
  • 3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon fine sea salt
  • 1/16 teaspoon ground cayenne (optional)


  1. Combine Ingredients: Mix pecans, maple syrup, cinnamon, sea salt, and cayenne in a sauté pan until the pecans are evenly coated.

  2. Simmer: Cook on medium heat until the mixture gently simmers, stirring occasionally.

  3. Crystalize: Reduce heat to medium-low. Simmer for 15-20 minutes, stirring often, until the syrup evaporates and crystallizes.

  4. Cool: Spread pecans on parchment paper, break apart clumps, and let cool to room temperature.

  5. Serve or Store: Enjoy immediately or store in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks.

These candied pecans are a deliciously sweet and spicy treat that's easy to make and perfect for any occasion!

Two separate batches. The one on theft has a rainy texture (I prefer), the one on the right is more shiny sticky texture. On the right, you can simply remove the pecans earlier and let them cool. The syrup will solidify into a hard glaze.